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Lyle Stevenson
President & CEO


Lyle Stevenson’s vast expertise comes from his 40+ years working in the construction industry, and the launching of Stevenson Homes in 1988. His goal is to build premium-quality homes for buyers, ones that they can enjoy and be proud of for years to come.

Superior quality workmanship is of the highest importance to Lyle Stevenson, who helped hands-on to build hundreds of homes. This commitment sees him on site every day, ensuring that job sites are well maintained and that all work is completed to his exacting high standards.

Understanding the importance of teamwork, Lyle and his staff, personally chose each sub-contractor and work with them to form a partnership of trust and respect. And it shows. Many of our trades have been working with Stevenson Homes for many years and are very dedicated to the Stevenson standard of quality as we are.

Lyle takes great pride in our homes and his many years of experience, expertise and dedication to the construction industry are reflected in every home that Stevenson builds.

Lyle understands the importance of client relationships in the home building process. This principle is incorporated into each aspect of home construction, from initial space planning to interior design. When the company was founded in 1988. Lyle defined the two guiding principles of Stevenson Homes, based upon his own personal beliefs:

  • Treat each client as a valuable partner in the homebuilding process to result in a long-term, trust-based homeowner relationship

  • Construct homes utilizing advanced technologies and building methods, resulting in homes that are of the highest quality and that are equally energy and environmentally efficient

Following these principles, Stevenson Homes has been recognized on many levels for the company's contribution to crafting homes of exceptional quality, attention to detail, and innovative home design.


It is the company's commitment to Stevenson Homes to be a recognized residential builder as a contributor to the values of quality and innovative homebuilding. Each employee of Stevenson Homes is asked to challenge themselves to remain ahead of the curve in home construction, utilizing new technologies and exploring innovative home features that result in a better environmentally built and overall more cost-effective and energy-efficient home.

It is the personal commitment of each member of the Stevenson Homes team to ensure unsurpassed homeowner satisfaction throughout the homebuilding process, earning the trust and establishing a long-term relationship with each homeowner.

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