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Have an idea of what you want in your Dream Home? We have the ability to make your Dream Home plans come alive with our in-house design team. We allow you to be your own architect while helping guide you with our build expertise. We will make sure that your build plans compliment your style and functionality; while maintaining a high quality foundation and structure. Our many years of experience and expertise allow this process to be exciting and worry free. 



We offer a seamless build process to complete you desired build outcome for your Dream Home! We walk you through the overall build process ensuring you know what to expect. An important part of this process is peace-of-mind – the confidence you have knowing that your new Stevenson home benefits from over 32 years of focusing on quality. 

At Stevenson Homes,    we’ve assembled a group of professional construction tradespeople, suppliers and staff that includes many of the best, most experienced construction personnel in Central Alberta.

Our rigorous standards mean that hundreds of details receive meticulous attention. 

We’re building your home; your DREAM home so, everything has to be done just right.


​Major renovations can be an exciting project in your home. Upgrading can improve many aspects of your home’s appearance, functionality, and value. It is important to define your priorities to get clear vision of what you want to change in your home and specific goals for your renovation project. We then bring in our expertise to collaborate suggestions that will determine the success of your Dream Renovation!

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​Thinking about country life or already run a farm or ranch operation? Stevenson Homes take pride in our western values and background in the farm and ranch community.

Our team offers exceptional craftmanship and design that suits all Farm, Ranch, and Acreage needs with today’s best innovations, styles, and features. It's important that our clients have a functional home that compliments their rural lifestyle.

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